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Wanderings for 2014!!!

- Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society May conference in Canada
- Annie Spencer and myself doing small ROAD TRIPS around BC/Washington State for evening and day workshops
- September UK Shamanic Conference at Gaunt's Estate in England
- September in Estonia offering healing work
- October Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society Second USA conference, Samish, WA

I will be co-leading 4-hr presentation with Annie Spencer ( called "Gathering of Woman: Spirit Woman made Manifest." Also co-presenting with Annie and three other wonderful women a long session about "Harlot, Warrioress, Hearth, Mother and Crone" at:
RETURNING TO 4 LEGS 6th Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

Easter Seals Camp, Squamish, BC, Canada
May 3rd  – 10th  2014

A Shamanic & Animist Community Gathering to be part of the Dream of the Earth.

As part of this conference we will be supporting the Pataxó people of the Brazilian Rainforest in the reforesting and demarcation of their ancestral lands.

Teachers from Canada, US, UK & Europe – Including:
Christina Pratt, Annie Spencer, Rob Murphy, Dr. Eve Bruce, Jeff Stockton, Alan & Vanessa Davis, Michael Dunning, Christiana Harle, John-Luke Edwards, Rosemary O’Toole, Jan Engels-Smith, Alleson & John Lansel, Lauri Shainsky, Shenoah Taylor, Jane Struver, Kat Naslas, Kyle Bailey

Morning Meditations – Healing Circles – Shamanic Crafting – Sacred Ceremonies –Teachings - Shamans Market – spiritual networking – Pre & Post conference events

Main Conference: 5th–9th May
Pre-conference: 3rd–5th May
Post conference: 9th-10th May 

Installment & deferred payment plans on request

For more information and to register:


My own comments on this conference: shamanic ritual, dance, singing, ceremony, laughter, absolutely stunning surroundings, drumming, more dance and song, journeying, meeting lots of interesting people. Highly recommend this if you want to see-do-meet-sink in to some magical work.


This is a feeler- announcement. We are arriving early and leaving about a week later after the conference. We are looking for ways to support our lengthy stay and transport in beautiful North America. Geographically: British Columbia/upper Washington State. Dates: April 25 – May 4 and May 12-18.  Therefore, we would like to FEEL-out: if you are interested in hosting/arranging an evening and/or day workshop for us, please let us know! A few of you we will be asking directly. We ask for HELP to fulfill our little dream of walking on the Lands there.

Dancing with the Rhythm of the Land

8th RESIDENTIAL UK SHAMANIC CONFERENCE ~ 2014 4th - 7th Sept 2014 - Gaunts House, Wimborne, Dorset, England

(Extra, Optional Pre-Conference Social Day Wed 3th Sept)

Make sure You are part of the 2014 Conference - to book your place or ask a question please go to the link below for an email address.

Come and Discover Workshops • Ceremonies • Community Circles• Drumming and Dancing • Shamanic Craft Market • Beautiful Rural Location •

Open to all - both those experienced in shamanism and those who wish to find out a little about it!

The programme is now being set up, so watch the website for more info:

This is another conference-gathering...and totally love this one too!!! Dancing, drumming, workshops, - I find it is refreshing to meet other folk and partake in different types of shamanic related work. Same with Canada. This is how we keep shamanic folk in communication with each other. So many different lines, paths, ways.... throw your judgement aside! Beautiful grounds at Gaunt's!! Canada has the forest and mountains-this one has english grounds and grand oaks....ahhhhhh Mother Nature!!! Bless You!!

ESTONIA- September
I travel several times a year to Beautiful Estonia. While there I try to organize a longer period to meet others for healing work or teaching. I work through the Holistic Therapy Institute in Tallinn where I have been teaching since 2008 (voice, sound, expression, throat chakra). This year I am staying for an extended period September 11-17. I work shamanically, if such a word exists; breathwork sessions also. Sessions last 2-3 hrs. I try to operate as I learned in Tuva: arrive at your scheduled time…wait if necessary for your turn. If you are in a hurry, forget it. If you would like to have a session, please contact me via this email. If you have never been to Estonia, well, September is beautiful there! (see attachment). Services: all dependent upon what is going on with you! Might mean breathwork, hivework, curse unbinding, power animal retrievals, blessings (always), soul retrieval, ancestral work, cleaning and clearing….Spirit Knows!

BONES OF FIRE - 2nd SCGMSS Residential US Shamanic Conference and Gathering 22-26.10.2014
Programme is still under construction...but I am going.
for more information and keeping updated:

And once more another opportunity to dance, share, laugh and cry, try out new ways, be on the land, sing, drum, shamanic ritual, learn.... 

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