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Reindeer Skin and Branch of the Mother Tree

Birthing of a Shaman’s Drum

with Christiana Harle assisted by Tanja Kangas and Jari Latvala

23. -29. June 2014

Päppäri, Kitee, North Karelia, Finland
The course site is in the beautiful countryside, about 4 hour drive-train ride from Helsinki.*
     The shaman’s drum is alive and has a spirit. This helping spirit is intimately connected with the shaman’s healing work whether for self, others or place. Within numerous cultures over the world the shaman’s drum can be heard pulsating in earth and sky and ourselves.
     The Spirits, stories and traditions handed down through time guide us as they have guided our ancestors in making the shaman drum. We explore various stories and traditions from Northern Europe, Siberia, and North America while learning to work intimately with the Spirits in the making of our own healing drums during this intensive week. Shaman drums are often made by the shaman healer and relatives. We work individually and as a community. Drums are born from reindeer skin and split-pine frames, fire, water, earth and sky.
     During this focused weeklong period we work through our spirit helpers and the shamanic journey, connecting with the spirits of nature, of direction and place to assist our work. Participants have an opportunity to make out-sitting or vision quest during the sun filled night. Through the help of our Spirit helpers we learn how to honour our drum and begin the path of working with it. The past and present through the shaman’s healing drum are our guides for living everyday life and healing.

No previous handicraft, “artistic ability,” or woodworking experience necessary.
A basic workshop in shamanic healing is necessary to participate in this workshop or you have worked privately with someone. Please check with Christiana if you are uncertain.
There are only 12 places available on this workshop.

Course is in English and Finnish with some Swedish, Norwegian if necessary.
Never know what comes out!

Cost: 598 € incl 24% VAT includes home-cooked vegetarian meals, materials (130€), teaching and lodgings in rustic facilities in the woods, near a lake and with a fantastic smoke sauna over 100yrs old. Payment plans available. Please make contact with Christiana. Prepayment deposit of 200€ to reserve your place by 31.05.2014 to Sola Voima’s bank account or via PayPal. Details from Christiana: info (ät) The final payment to be made 2 weeks prior by deposit or paid on site. Deposits are not returned because I hold your place. Should someone be available to take your place, your deposit will be refunded. Refund policy for full payment: 100% one month prior; 75% 3 weeks prior; 50% 2 weeks prior. Drums are made from reindeer skins and solid pine.

Christiana, BM, SUMUKE Music Therapist, beekeeper, Inspiraktiva Breathwork Therapist. The dance between death and life, sting and honey and the potent power of the womb bless her life. Chrisse has been doing shamanic healing for over twenty years. She is a shamanic counselor and has been teaching since 1994. Jonathan Horwitz, Heimo Lappalainen, Anette Höst have been important guides. The ancient practices of Bee and Tuvan shamanic practises weave into her voice, staff and song (seidr), conscious and rebirthing breathwork therapy in her shamanic healing. Chrisse has worked also intensively for several periods with traditional shamans in the Republic of Tuva, Siberia. She is accepted as a Tuvan shaman and draws great inspiration from this tradition. Christiana is a titled Elder of the Wolven Path, a board member of Sacred Circle Great Mystery Shamanic Society, and member of ISC (International Shamanic Community) and SSP (Society for Shamanic Practioners). She is one of the founders of Shamanic Centre of Finland in 1993. Shamanic – Healing Drum making for 15+ years.
Tanja has been practising Shamanism for 15 years, building drums, writing stories to the journal of Shamanic Centre in Finland and introducing like-minded in basic workshops and Drumming Circle. At the moment Tanja is knitting passionately something from the Spirit World or studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
Jari has been working over 15 years in the field of personnel administration and governance. He has also been years in voluntary youth and acute crisis work and is a voluntary crime and conflict conciliator. Internal security and safety of society are the prominent figures in Jari’s life and work. He has been studying western esotericism, but mainly works shamanically his whole life. Jari is a chairperson of Shamanic Centre in Finland and a member of ISC (International Shamanic Community) and SSP (Society for Shamanic Practitioners).

*Physical location 
Google map:
The workshop site is in the northeast of
Finland in Kitee commune, in the village of Puhossalo, which is not a village so much...nearest little shop is about 10 km away. Check out the map and you will see forest, lakes....

The structures on this site date back to the early 1800s. An addition was added-probably early 20th century. It is one of the oldest in the region. Everyone-almost everyone-sleeps in the AITTA...this is a traditional out-building.... warm sleeping bags. Folk would sleep here cause it was cooler during the summer than in the main house (oven being heated regularly). You might share a room with someone-might not. The rooms are layered...steps and stairs. There are / is place available for those whom stairs are a bain. For those coming from abroad we can certainly arrange sleeping bags. Tents are welcome.

There is no electricity. Charging phones: we arrange daily or every-other-day to take to the old school-Kiehinen-for charging. Water: there is a well that we use for washing of self and dishes. It is drinkable, but it is also limited in amount of water. So we help along by getting 10 liter cannisters from Kiehinen-and that water is good stuff (no chemicals!!).

Toilet is a four-hole outdoor toilet- each hole a bit different sized to accommodate different ages and sizes. Of course you may sit there by yourself!!! This is the original. It has steps (two). Very nice place!

Bathing: we warm smoke sauna two times during the week. If you have not been in smoke sauna - another page is needed to describe this. Welcome to the womb. There is a washing room attached to the sauna. Hot water is available all the time. There is a wonderful
Lake nearby - about 15 min walk - where folk go sometimes when it has been a hot day. Sauna is a our sacred house- the Finnish inipi -. You will hear stories of sauna and the old ways here.

Myself (with all participants at one time or another with cooking) am the cook. I love to weave between kitchen and sacred circle. It works wonderfully well on this workshop. We use gas and the huge wood oven (takes meter-long wood) or the wood-burning stove. Meals are together, vegetarian, local as much as possible, lactose free when there is milk and if there is milk, wheat free, soy-free. Beans, seeds, local berries, strawberries and rhubarb are in season, honey, buckwheat, millet, oats, rye, more honey, root vegies, top-side vegies, garlic and more garlic (helps with the mosquitos), spices and herbs, karelian pies, sour-dough rye bread, and we do have desserts!!! Special diets considered. No one has yet to starve. Chocolate and stuff: we make a trip to local shop a couple times during the week.

The Birthing
There is no special preparation-unless you want it or Spirit wants it from you. We have noticed that Spirit usually has already begun the process...we assist in giving form, materials, and helping hands in birthing of the shamanic healing drum. Ask your own Helpers if there is some way to prepare for this work!
You need a good connection with one or more Spirit helpers; ability to shamanically journey (intent, power animal along or other Spirit Helper, returning and being responsible for the afterwork) and work in pairs when doing journey work. The rest, if it is unfamiliar, we guide you.
Hand-craft skills: none needed. We teach you how to hold a hunting knife and work with it if you never have done so before! Same with all other tools. All levels of folk have arrived and folk usually help each other out.
We work in group (in the old part of house), alone, in pairs at all hours of the day-night because it only gets slightly dark (twilight)for a few hours (midnight-3 am about).
Arranged is a night out-sitting.
The drum is from split-pine and reindeer skin.
You bring along trinkets, ribbons etc if you want it decorated on your drum. We have some materials with us also.
Our ending is group ceremony lasting a few hours. This is for waking-up the drum, feeding it, blessing it, bringing it out into the public-into the family, purifying.
The whole week is one big workshop, ceremony, shamanic journey, shamanic ritual, shamanic humour and midwifery birth chamber, sauna....

Nature and Wildlife
Pine, spruce, elder, rowan, ash, willow, a few maple, birch and all in between are home to a variety of visitors. Over the years we have had bears wandering in the area, foxes, lynx, moose, eagles of variety, loons, swans, two types of snake, lizards, the elusive cuckoo has been sighted (you hear 'em!), rodents of all sorts, wolverine has been told to be in the area, wolves also but we don't talk about them because we don't want them to be noticed, owls, bats, swallows, song birds. We prepare you also for being in forest. Writing this it may sound like very wild and dangerous. The city is wild and dangerous. Out here there is nothing that wants to kill you. Oh, did I mention mosquitos? Some years there are and some years there aren't. We have netted hats in case of emergency.

How to get there
Nearest airport is Joensuu. Trains and buses and even group-share rides possible from there. It is a 15 min bus ride to the centre. From there one can find train/bus or meet up with someone for a lift.

The easiest way-if it was me: fly to Helsinki, grab the bus outside the arrivals terminal for the bus that takes you to the train station in Tikkurila-Vantaa (20 min) and grab the train to Kitee (4 hr max). Someone picks you up (usually easy!) at the trainstation in Kitee or grab a taxi (bloody expensive if not sharing with others!). From the traintstation in Kitee it is a good 30 min drive to Päppäri. Stop at local old house bakery along the way.

The workshop costs just under 600 euros. This includes VAT (because I am registered as VAT company). If you have your own registered VAT company within the EU, then I can reduce the VAT from the cost. I have one bursary meaning just cost of drum and lodgings is payable and the rest is a donation to the three of us. Payment in parts is possible. The minimum is 200 e deposit by 31.05 via paypal or direct deposit and then you can pay in parts after that ....

I have gotten a bit stricter with the payment and return policy. There are four families and the ripples attached to them in the involvment in arranging their lives and livelihood to be with participants. We trust Spirits to get those who are ready for this work to us.
If the workshop is cancelled for any reason, all funds someone has paid are returned! The final payment is 2 weeks prior to workshop beginning or paid on site (if coming from abroad). If the workshop is happening, I hold your deposit-place. Should you cancel I will return your deposit if there is someone to take your place. This is negotiable. Refund policy for full payment: 100% return one month prior; 75% 3 weeks prior; 50% 2 weeks prior. 

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