sunnuntai 2. helmikuuta 2014

February brings to me cleaning and sorting, collecting piles to work with, sell, give-a-way, burn, recycle centre-it, bury and sometimes make the decision to save and repack. I moved like a wave through boxes that had been in storage for about 6 yrs....I danced through the STUFF that was left over from closing down soap-making for thirteen years.

I have alot of STUFF: trinkets, statues, books, old clothes, kids clothes, more books, rocks, incense, furniture.... How can I open new doors if I cannot even get near it cause I thought I might use something someday or give it to someone but forgot too...or the message from this stone said such and such...over 20 yrs ago? Especially if I listened and carried it out; long roll up scrolls covering a wall with drawings from journies or internal work.....Time to let go, pleeeeease!!!

With this note out to you all, I have commited one hour per day to dealing with STUFF. Any stuff that is hanging around. I am trying to not burn myself out with a spasmodic attack of GET RID OF ALL THIS SHIT! but with gentleness and honouring all this STUFF. One clue is asking my Spirit Helpers: do you go with me further or is it time to depart? And if it answers depart I ask how, where, who, etc. Delegation!! And when my head says: weeeellll, maaaaybeeee...." I know that it is time to GO!

Lighten my load, get ready for the next journey. I have often thought this as an act of helping my loved ones, my children. When I am dead and gone they don't have to go through this and wonder why Mother has saved a dozen envelopes full of feathers. Actually, they would know why...just what to do with them? And actually I only have two envelopes of feathers. Perhaps some of this will be packed in my suitcase as part of give-a-way in Canada, USA and England.

Going to make a testament that gives directions what to do with any shamanic stuff that is leftover. Yes! to answer someone's question: I am going to die. of these days....and working on that it is about forty plus years away! That is not so far away!!!

Spirit said: get rid of things, lighten up: Closing doors, and opening doors. Closing doors and of saying goodbye, farewell, we have served each other well. Do you remember the teaching with this? Do you remember the answer we gave? Did you take care of what was given to you? It is time to go; no regrets and many thanks. Make space."

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