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The Shaman's Journey

The Shaman’s Journey
Basic workshop
with Christiana Harle

Shamanism is humanity's oldest spiritual practice, a tradition for healing and problem solving. It is a way of maintaining balance in the individual, and between the individual and the rest of creation. During this basic course, participants will be introduced to some of the main ideas and methods used for thousands of years by shamans around the world. Shamanism is not limited to Native Americans or other exotic cultures. Northern Europe also has an ancient shamanic tradition, and we all have - as human beings - the ability to work shamanically.
The main emphasis of the course is on the shaman's journey to the world of the spirits. Participants will learn to use the traditional methods of singing, dancing, and drumming to shift to shamanic consciousness, meet their spirit helpers, and explore the spirit world.  In this other reality, one can gain power and knowledge for oneself and others, and touch the spirit side of Nature. Basic shamanic healing will also be taught. In the circle, we will share the experiences of the journeys, and learn how to understand them. 
We will look closely at the ethics of shamanic work and see how shamanism can empower our everyday lives.
If you are interested in getting started, in the basics, with no set cultural boundaries, this workshop is for you.
The Spirits are the real teachers and it is my intention to help you along this way. I can give you techniques, stories, background, ways, perhaps arrange human trials and initiations and even say, “I don’t know”, BUT the Spirits of drum, voice, rattle and Nature-all of Mother Earth and each of us humans are the final teachers and guide the way.
No previous shamanic journeying experience necessary. 
 This workshop gives teaching in shamanic techniques, the shamanic path and spirituality. 
It is not a therapy course.
Alcohol and drug-free.
Food: please bring your own lunches/food to share. In the nearby area can be found cafes and restaurants.
As always, Spirit will guide us and tailor-make this workshop just for those who gather together at this time.
Schedule: Friday 18.10 17.30-21.30, Saturday 19.10 10.00-20.00, Sunday 20.10 10.00-16.00
PLace: Mandalatalon Sali, Kansakoulukatu 7-9, 40100 Jyväskylä
Price: 190 inc 24% VAT and coffee/tee breaks. To reserve your place pay unrefundable: 100 Sola Voima bank account. Cancellations: 21 prior 100%; under 20 days 50%. Final payment may be made on site.
When you have paid the deposit you will receive more information.
To register: Christiana 050 494 7030 or info(at) If you have any questions please make contact with Christiana.
Christiana Harle: The dance between death and life, sting and honey and the potent power of the womb bless her life. Christiana has been doing shamanic healing for soon 25 years. She is a shamanic counselor and has been teaching since 1994. The ancient practices of Bee, voice, staff and song, conscious and rebirthing breathwork therapy weave into her shamanic healing. Jonathan Horwitz, Anette Höst, Heimo Lappalainen, Naomi Lewis and Kate Sheela and many others have blessed her life with their teachings. Chrisse has worked also intensively for several periods with traditional shamans in the Republic of Tuva, Siberia. She is accepted as a Tuvan shaman and draws great inspiration from this tradition. She is assistant editor of the book “Shamanic Songs and Myths of Tuva” by Mongush Kenin-Lopsan and also made a film on Tuvan life: In the Arms of Buddha and the Drum”.  Member ISC (International Shamanic Community) and SSP (Society for Shamanic Practioners), Revered Elder of the Wolven Path and current vice-chair of Shamanic Centre of Finland and one of the original founders in 1993. Christiana is also a SUMUKE reg Music Therapist, beeworker, Breathwork Therapist (almost), mother, human.

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