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Shamanic - Healing drum-birthing

Reindeer Skin and Branch of the Mother Tree
Birthing of a Shaman’s Drum

with Christiana Harle assisted by Jari Latvala and Tanja Kangas

24 June – 30 June, 2013
Päppäri, Kitee, North Karelia, Finland
The course site is in the beautiful countryside, about 4 hour drive-train ride from Helsinki.

     The shaman’s drum is alive and has a spirit. This helping spirit is intimately connected with the shaman’s healing work whether for self, others or place. Within numerous cultures over the world the shaman’s drum can be heard pulsating in earth and sky and ourselves.
     The Spirits, stories and traditions handed down through time guide us as they have guided our ancestors in making the shaman drum. We explore various stories and traditions from Northern Europe, Siberia, and North America while learning to work intimately with the Spirits in the making of our own healing drums during this intensive week. Shaman drums are often made by the shaman healer and relatives. We work individually and as a community. Drums are born from reindeer skin and split-pine frames, fire, water, earth and sky.
     During this focused weeklong period we work through our spirit helpers and the shamanic journey, connecting with the spirits of nature, of direction and place to assist our work. Participants have an opportunity to make out-sitting or vision quest during the sun filled night. Through the help of our Spirit helpers we learn how to honour our drum and begin the path of working with it. The past and present through the shaman’s healing drum are our guides for living everyday life and healing.

No previous handicraft, “artistic ability,” or woodworking experience necessary. A basic workshop is necessary to participate in this workshop.

Course is in English and Finnish.

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