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Ancestral Fathers & Mothers and Shamanic Healing

28. – 31.3.2013  Finland

Our culture is bent on working with the present and the future. Most often our ancestors, our past, are neglected and forgotten. This has created many generations of ill-will, stories of disownment, regret, bitterness, etc. in our families. Our own deceased relatives, our fore- fathers and -mothers experienced events, traumas or tragedies may overshadow their descendants life for many generations and accumulate also in our own lives or even for our own descendants to bear. They appear in a number of ways, such as illness or in other forms and prevent us from living a healthier life.

During the workshop we use the shamanic journey to connect and identify our blood relatives and their unfinished business. We also learn how to remove or work through them for sake of future generations. We invite and re-create connections to those our own ancestral fathers and mothers as well as other spirit teachers who are willing to help us in our own lives. We seek also rituals for honouring and maintaining our ancestral connection.

The course is intended for those experienced in the core-shamanic journey. Because we do shamanic work with Death this workshop is also recommended for those who are interested in working with the dying or the deceased and of course for those who are interested in doing healing work for others.

We draw on our own and other cultures for examples of different traditions. We gather what we have discovered shamanically to create and restore a more healthy way of living with our Ancestors in our individual and communal lives. 

The workshop is for learning shamanic techniques and about shamanic healing. It is not intended as a therapy course.

We will inform the place as soon as it is confirmed – either in Puhossalo, Kitee or central Finland. Price: 400 € for lodgings, food, teaching. Course languages are finnish and english. Translation as necessary. For more information contact:

  • Christiana Harle, p. +358 (0)50 494 7030, s-posti info (ät)
  • Jaana Kouri, p. +358 (0)44 569 0068, s-posti jkouri (ät)

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